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  • Dress Styles

    Deciding on what dress to buy could be a tough task. The choices will be endless. Dress styles abound in the market, thus making the correct choice could be a dilemma for some. There are some factors which you need to consider in choosing the most appropriate dress to buy or wear. From these factors you shall come up with the best choice.

    Dress styles could be categorized into so many ways. Whether according to function, occasion, appearance, cost… name it, and you’ll find some styles which could satisfy your need.

    Different occasions or events require various out fits. Some dresses are styled to fit the occasion being attended to by the wearer. A good dresser is someone who shows versatility in dressing wherever, or whatever the occasion may be, such that she looks good and fashionable even in conservative cuts, and still classy while wearing simple casual dresses. The following styles are worn during special events:

    • Party Dresses - usually worn during birthdays, Holiday parties, and the like.
    • Wedding Dresses – conservative type of dresses or gowns designed for wedding guests/members of the wedding entourage
    • School Dresses- dresses usually intended for school uniform
    • Cocktail Dresses – Simple yet elegant dresses appropriate for cocktail parties.
    • Evening Dresses- glamorous, usually lengthy dresses (gowns) which are fit for formal evening parties, concerts, or award nights.
    • Prom Dresses - Elegant gowns or dresses, chic and savvy for promenade balls and gala events.
    Some styles are intended with the wearer’s body contours in mind. These styles of dresses are specially made to flaunt the physical assets of those who are wearing them. If you need to show off some of your physical attributes, you may choose among these styles:
    • Mini dresses - best for petite and shapely-bodied women. Would show off the legs and thighs.
    • Empire dresses - suitable for ladies with big tummies, as this design would make it less visible or noticeable.
    • Maxi dress - dresses which would cover most parts of the body, thus is safe to be worn by women of any body shape and build.
    • Tea dress – appropriate for tea parties, simple but class
    • Doll Dress - laced up dresses with a straight neckline which is best for full-busted women.
    • Weather/Seasonal Styles - Some dress styles are intended for wear at different seasons. The clothing material which they are made of, should likewise fit the purpose,

    such that winter dress could be made of wool, or other material which could provide warmth to the wearer. Summer dresses, on the other hand, shall be lightweight, preferably cotton, and shall make you feel comfortable even under the sun.

    • Winter Dress - Specially designed for wear during the cold or winter season, they could come in fashionable styles and cuts.
    • Summer Dress - Made of soft light material, these dresses provide comfort and style. Summer dresses could come in different colors and may be matched with hats or other accessories.

    Dress styles are flooding in fashion stores, boutiques, bargain centers, anywhere. Aside from those styles mentioned above. There is still a lot more. The choice is yours. You may have your personal preferences, yet, it will still be safe to wear something which matches your personality keeps you abreast with the latest in fashion trends , appropriate for the occasion, and of course, something which flaunts not only your outer physical assets, but your inner beauty as well.

    With these things in mind, choosing the best outfit to buy among the dress styles available in the market no longer becomes a problem then, but a challenging activity worth looking forward to.